United Packaging Capabilities, bulk packaging containers including valve bags, super sacks, fiber drums, Gaylord boxes and more

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United Packaging Corporation: Copacking in the Central U.S.

United Packaging Corporation specializes in packaging non-hazardous bulk powders, chemicals and other related products. Located in the St. Louis metropolitan area in the Midwest, United Packaging serves the needs of companies looking to outsource their industrial packaging processes.

United Packaging specializes in filling a variety of bulk packaging containers including valve bags, bulk bags, fiber drums, Gaylord boxes and more. We receive bulk product from customers by truck or rail, package the product according to customers’ rigid specifications, and ship the finished product anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide.

To learn more about the products we handle, the containers we package, and how we receive and handle material, choose any of the following links. Or Contact Us today for details on how United Packaging Corporation can help you with your bulk packaging needs.

Packaging Container Types

Powder and Bulk Materials

Material Handling

Material Receiving