United Packaging Corporation: Bulk Material Co Packing & Redistribution.

United Packaging Corporation offers the chemical and bulk raw material industries unique, cost-saving services in custom co packing and distribution services. Since 1987, we’ve been helping our customers grow and increase profits by giving them the resources they need to penetrate niche markets and sell to a wider variety of end users.

The copacking concept is simple. As your bulk packaging contractor, United Packaging Corporation serves as your outsource partner to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency moving your products to market. Your product is shipped to our plant in bulk via trucks or railcars. We unload and package your dry bulk product into valve bags, drums, Gaylord boxes, or other bulk bags. Then your product is labeled, palletized, secured and shipped to any domestic or international destination. In some cases, we can even warehouse your product for immediate availability and delivery on demand.

You can count on United Packaging Corporation to work with you every step of the way to simplify the process so everything flows with maximum efficiency, including distributing your product to its next destination. We’ll work with you to provide a complete analysis of your situation and the packaging requirements of your products. We’ll help you with shipping details, package design, processing, freight and all the planning to ensure your company can maximize profits through United Packaging Corporation.

Strategically located in the central U.S., United Packaging Corporation is an ideal choice for your bulk packaging and redistribution needs. We are readily connected to trucking and rail routes and in close proximity to the Mississippi River in the metropolitan St. Louis area.

Contact Us today and we’ll help you assess the details of a redistribution program that best fits the needs of your company and products. As an experienced Co Packer and toll manufacturer, United Packaging Corporation has the skills and expertise to help you with all aspects of your bulk packaging needs, including shipping details, package design, processing, freight and overall planning.